Tuesday, August 24, 2010


grimes - geidi primes (2010)

/// both my bro and I have separately created a post for this a while back, without ever clicking the publish icon. i apologize for keeping this from you.
grimes will soon be putting a brand new album out on arbustus records (montreal), but you can still grab the excellent geidi primes for free (all other formats sold out).

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

nerve city

nerve city - sleepwalker EP (2010)

/// strongly recomended

out now on sacred bones records

dream cop

dream cop

//this is a call for help. somebody please hook me up with more songs from DREAM COP

here, i offer three dreamy tracks that were generously shared by the consistently amazing blog get off the coast.

--------> D R E A M C O P

i want more
i want more
i want more

Monday, August 9, 2010

welcome home

A1 Woods: "I'm Not Gone"
A2 Run DMT: "Richard"
A3 White Fence: "The Love Between"
A4 The Fresh & Onlys: "Heel.Toe."
A5 The Mantles: "Bad Movies"
A6 Skygreen Leopards: "Catch"
A7 Alex Bleeker: "Gettin By"
B1 Moon Duo: "A Little Way Different"
B2 City Center "Box of Rain"
B3 caUSE co-MOTION!: "Over You"
B4 Art Museums: "Darling Are You Out of Your League Again"
B5 Nodzzz: "Old Clothes"
B6 Ducktails: "Sun Out My Window"

//// compilation of the year?

quick quick quick, get the LP or cassette (leave one for me!)----> WOODSIST (still my favorite label)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

yonkin' megapost

michael yonkers - lovely gold (1977)

michael yonkers - microminiature love (1968)

michael yonkers - goodby sunball (1974)

// no proper wikipedia page, taken from lastfm:

"Beginning his musical career in the 1960’s, Michael Yonkers is most well known as an early purveyor of the musical style called “skronk-rock”. Skronk-rock is a nearly atonal form, but the genre is given grace through Yonkers’ subtle manipulations of the sonic palette.
1969’s Microminiature Love (1969 - Destijl, 2002 - Subpop, 2003), the culmination of his artistic peak, ran the gamut of the era’s styles, from Jefferson Airplane-ish acid-rock (Jasontown) to voodoo-blues (Boy In The Sandbox, Smile Awhile).
Yonkers defies immediate categorization, but in his work are shades of Pere Ubu, the howl of Iggy, the blunt primitivism of the Godz, and the seeds of countless other underground heroes.
The curious listener would be doing a service to him/herself by locating the old Michael Yonkers solo records that are floating all over the internet, which are the results of his mercurial talent of creating the perfect union between melody and experimentation. Seriously.

white fence

white fence - white fence (2010)

/// to be honest, i had been sporadically listening to white fence since i got my hands on it a while back, without never getting completely hooked. After seeing it reviewed on AZ, i gave it a proper listening, from one side to the other, first track to last, and was pleasantly surprised, mostly by songs that had escaped me before (i.e. baxter corner). Chaotic while being soothing, for fans of syd barret-like psych pop, and for those who like the beatles only for their white album.

--->get the LP here