Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Actual Water

Actual Water - Double Negative (2008/2010) via Orchid Tapes

/// Awesome Reissue of Actual Water's second album on Warren Hildebrand's (Foxes in Fiction) Orchid Tapes!

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Fox Hands

Fox Hands - Peoplenoswan EP (2010) via Bandcamp

/// Check it out!


tyvek -nothing fits (2010, in the red)

//you're welcome

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guest Mix #1 : Foxes in Fiction

Guest Mix #1 : Foxes in Fictio

Foxes in Fiction's Warren Hildebrand kindly accepted our request to create the very first Somatose guest mixtape! Thank You!


Info by Warren Hildebrand:

"Now with the weather getting a little bit cooler and the days getting a little bit shorter, I chose some of my favourite songs that seemed appropriate for fall listening. Best experienced on headphones while walking around a downtown area, at least in my mind anyways.

1. Chihei Hatakeyama – Voices II (Ghostly Garden, 2010)

I always love starting off the mixes I make with ambient stuff. I can’t think of anything more appropriate than this gorgeous track from Chihei Hatakeyamam’s new album Ghostly Garden.

2. Gold Panda – Snow & Taxis (Lucky Shiner, 2010)

Sample-based electronic music like this that evokes really strong emotions and images is amazing to me. This falls right into place with my ever-growing love for minimal techno and artists like The Field.

3. Broadcast – Echo’s Answer (The Noise Made By People, 2000)

Broadcast are long-time loves of mine for the fall weather. I love how perfect this song seems with so few elements.

4. Felt – The World is As Soft As Lace (The Splendour of Fear, 1984)

Amazing 1980s indie pop. I downloaded this song as part of a compilation years ago but it had the wrong info attached to it so trying to figure out whom it was really by took some time…but was worth it. I wish I could play well enough to simulate the incredible tapestries of guitar in this song.

5. Arthur Verocai – Caboclo (Arthur Verocai, 1972)

I don’t know how anyone can’t like anything off of this album. As the opening track, it’s makes me really happy to hear a combination of more traditional Brazilian instrumentation and modern electronic synthesis.

6. Attic Abasement – A Werewolf (Dancing Is Depressing, 2010)

Mat Cothran of Coma Cinema turned me on to Attic Abasement’s album a few months ago, which has become one of my favourite albums of the year. The matter-of-fact delivery of his funny / serious lyrics makes this strangely effecting to me.

7. Mount Kimbie – William (Maybes, 2009)

I found this song earlier today in a mix that was posted by Benoit Pioulard ( and I thought it was way too great to not share, too. Don’t the tones sound really similar to the Broadcast song?

8. Do Make Say Think – The Apartment Song (Goodbye Enermy Airship The Landlord is Dead, 2000)

This band has been a favourite since my teen years and I have all sorts of imagery associated with it and the atmosphere it creates within itself. I always had the romanticized idea of Toronto apartment life being as bleak and noir as this song. It’s not.

9. Sandro Perri – Dreaming (Plays Polmo Polpo, 2006)

Another high school-era love from Constellation Records, as well as one of my favourite Canadian musicians. This is an acoustic rendering of a song from Sandro’s main project, Polmo Polpo, the original being a longer, denser but equally beautiful instrumental track.

10. Arthur Russell – That’s Us / Wild Combination (Calling Out of Context, 2004)

Arthur Russell’s music and life was a big influence on me while recording Swung from The Branches late last year. The ability he had to make more personal and experimental music like on World of Echo as well as perfect pop compositions like this is something I find very inspiring."


Don't forget to buy/download his album Swung for the branches and check out his awesome record label, Orchid Tapes (3 great new releases this week)!

Thank you Warren!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mickey brown

/// new song off of Soul Glo

------> NEVER CRY

+ check out bandcamp to download ZORDON

"Blending tropical with psychedelic, Mickey Brown forward a kind of music that is both familiar and wholly unique. This is MB, a collaboration between LA’s Mickey Mickey Rourke and Canada’s Lester Brown, produce tracks that recall what is most endearing about lo-fi, tropical music, conceive their sound like pioneers; MMR and LB, with their idiosyncratic yet paralleled visions, give their brand of music ethereal and ultimately engaging qualities in a way that is unlike many of their contemporaries. Each droning melody asks listeners to get lost and enjoy."

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Cradling - Wild Runner

\\\\Great release on the very promising silent farm label.////
\\\\Cassette limited to 100 copies so get yours now! ////

You should also check out the Memory Screen ep available through silent farm.

Optimist Park

Optimist Park - THE WEREWOLF ep (2010) via Bandcamp

Optimist Park - More is Less EP (
2010) via Bandcamp