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i really think you should get this

Cassette? Anyone?

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This is a message to all musicians/artists out there...

Lately, I've been extremely fascinated by the new cassette culture and the general direction music is going, so, I've decided/given thought/contemplated on the idea of starting a very small, cassette based label in the near future (free digital downloads would obviously always be included). I know there are already plenty of awesome people doing this, but I've got nothing but time, love, and a few pharmaceutical cocktails on my hands right now, so why not? I'm inspired (thanks Warren!) and I like Tapes!

That being said, anyone interested in having there music posted on this blog and eventually (when, and if I get my shit together) getting a "physical" tape release, can send me their music, info, pics, anything really.... I love receiving shit (especially by mail)! So don't be shy, try it out, and please send me what you've got! If I like it, I'll post it, promote it, and do everything I can to help out!

Hey, you might even make a few bucks out of it!

For the moment I'm based in Moncton, N.B. (Canada), so if you are ever around my area please let me know and I'll do my best to set up a show or two for you! (I've got plenty of room for people to crash at my place!) ------> This city needs you, so get to it!
Hey! We could even become friends!

Pourquoi pas?


Sorry about my poor English writing skills (I usually write in french)...That's the reason why I rarely write reviews or info when I post albums. My OldaBrotha is much better at that anyway!


Email :

Mail Submissions : SEND ME ANYTHING!

283 1/2 Robinson St.
Moncton, N.B.
E1C 5C9

Former Selves

Former Selves - Vibes (2010)

Former Selves - It's a Hauntin' (2010)

Myspace (sweet videos!)

/////Check out these two incredible albums by self-proclaimed "ghost-fi" artist Paul Skomsvold aka Former Selves.\\\\I promise you won't regret it!

Long Long Long

Long Long Long - Shorts (2010) via Bandcamp

////Awesome band from Halifax! Saw them earlier this summer at SappyFest (one of my favorite music festivals). Don't forget to get their other release available on Bandcamp.

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pregnant - regional music (2010)

///"Pregnant’s Regional Music, which drops this July on Lifes Blood Recordings, is a great EP: tracks grow organically from roots-y loops or beats and are what I’d like to term, maybe unintentionally-pejoratively so, as “hick-hop," but that’s an affectionate and loving pigeonhole: The beats are sick, the songs inventive and addictive. I’m just getting clever with Highway 50 foothills meets rad riddims anologies” and failing miserably. But forgive, please, and check Pregnant out. Now. " taken from DANIELisPREGNANT

please check out older releases

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Coma Foxes

Coma Foxes - School Night.mp3

New collaboration between Mat Cothran of Coma Cinema and Warren Hildebrand of Foxes in Fiction.\\\\\Check it Out!!!