Tuesday, February 2, 2010

** RxRy **

RxRy - RxRy (2010) ------> unreleased yet, shared for free by the dude himself

Amusingly, there has been some strange webrumors spreading like garlic butter. Rumors that Noah Lenxox (aka: panda bear), has been secretly releasing material incognito, via the pen name RxRy. These rumors have been falsified, thanks to BUTTER x FACE.

(not noah, but still playing hard to get)

I guess it was initiated because the dude is pretty mysterious and has panda bear in his myspace friend. the material released by RxRy does not ressemble in any way Person pitch. Young Prayer even less. But by no means does this mean that it's not worth a listen. Far
from that, the shit is great. As far as ambient goes, it might just be
the single greatest release of 2010. I'm hooked/got it stuck on repeat.
Hell! I even dance to it.

Keep up with it. It's been saucy.

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