Monday, May 24, 2010

his clancyness

his clancyness - always mist c26

holy posting rampage!
///proud to present the first post from an Ottawa (where I live) artist...
this cassette has definitely made my day, and with the likes of beach fossils, wild nothing, and twin sister, has helped redefine my old/tired view of bedroom pop as i knew it.
getting laid to music is fun again.

"Jonathan Clancy is from Ottawa but now he lives in northern Italy. He makes pop music that is marinated in reverb and double-tracked vocals. Taking the most compelling attributes of the past fifty years of Western pop, he turns them into something his own." mirror universe tapes

just grabbed my cassette from mirror universe tapes (and grabbed a copy of pink priest, 5$ the price of a milk carton, why not?)..... DO THE SAME , ONLY 100 COPIES

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