Wednesday, December 29, 2010

get on your nerves

myelin sheaths - get on your nerves (2010)

//// buy it (be a proud canadian)

"The most realized piece of psy-fi punk shreddery from the camp that put Alberta on the map for fringe aficionados. Burning beyond saturated garage riffery, Get On Your Nerves cauterizes all hemorrhaging power-chord burnitude, thrusting a strychnine hybrid of freejacked harmonies and maximum guitar overdrive straight to the dome. Bask in the crushed pop panoramas bursting through membranes of a nihilist future. Glorious 12″ vinyl LP with a limited clear version. Pass the grippy on the left hand side." Aaron Levin @ Weird Canada

.... did I already mention that Weird Canada is my favorite website of the year

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