Thursday, January 13, 2011

no gold

no gold - no gold (2011, unfamiliar records)

//got this in my inbox this morning. with advance press download of the debut LP from Vancouver's No Gold, set for release on Feb. 22, 2011.
I'm pretty exited about it.

""From Kraut grooves to ritualistic incantations, minimalist repetitions to pop songwriting, Vancouver trio No Gold is a compelling combination of flavors. With a nuanced attention to detail, in both performance and recording, Jack Jutson, Ian Wyatt, and Liam Butler create as much space for experimentation as for pure dance-ability.
The band began as an attempt to sweat out toxins in the crowded illegal basement venues of Vancouver with bright, wide and fast pop music. During this time they released a 7" with Vancouver boutique label The Broadway to Boundary.
Experiments in electronic based sets as part of a series of renegade outdoor shows (organized by spiritual band brothers Basketball), has led to a collision of samples and synth pads with bass, guitar, and drums informed by Can, Arthur Russell, Terry Riley & Larry Heard.
Recorded in their Chinatown studio in the dead of summer, their self-titled debut will be released on Unfamiliar records in February of 2011.
" (Unfamiliar records press kit)

for you keeners who read this far, here i am sharing the wealth (CLICK). this will be taken down in 24 hours. (you snooze you lose)

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