Monday, September 19, 2011

wavepool abortion

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"Wavepool Abortion (ЖЕРТВА АБОРТА) is a new and exciting proto-pop-punk band featuring Pyotr Reznikov (guitar/vocals) and Matvei Solovyov (guitar/vocals/drums), based in Moscow, Russia. Their self-titled, 14-song, 30-minute blitz will be available digitally and on limited-edition cassette August 23rd via Washington, DC-based DZ TAPES
While listeners will surely enjoy Wavepool Abortion's ear for classic pop melody, you may have to dig through some filth to get there. The reward is a half-hour blissful regression to punk's dirty roots--a joyride of almost-on vocal harmonies, guitar solos that swell in and out of feedback, sludgy drum machines, and enough tambourine to fill a cesspool. 
"When I heard The Ramones and things, I was like, wow," says Solovyov, 17. "I take my guitar and Pyotr and we made this song so fast." Reznikov, also 17, attributes his interest in punk to popular Russian band Ногу свело! "We sing in English because we like the Beatles," Reznikov says. "Wavepool Abortion is the heaviest thing! It's like maybe The Ramones and The Beatles taking a big shit."
Wavepool Abortion has been making waves in their native city since their live debut last winter. As the leaders of a growing scene of like-minded teenagers, calling themselves "Искусство боли" (The Art of Pain), Wavepool Abortion are the most exciting thing from Russia since the space race. Just out of high school, their first album of visceral dirt-pop will kick your ass to the gulags."


S/T C30


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